ARBURG’s apprentice exchange gets GBF donation

The German British Forum (GBF) is donating £1,500 to help several engineering apprentices in Germany and the United Kingdom exchange places for four weeks’ technical learning in spring 2019.

John Guest apprentices and another UK apprentice training at ARBURG in Lossburg in 2017

The exchange programme, now in its third year, is organised by ARBURG Ltd. in Leamington Spa, which in May celebrated 25 years of the subsidiary in the UK, and is supervised from the German side by Training Director Michael Vieth at ARBURG GmbH + Co KG in Lossburg in the Black Forest. ARBURG is a premium manufacturer of injection moulding technology including machines, software and robotic systems. It also produces an additive manufacturing – or 3D printing – machine, the Freeformer.

In 2019, the programme will arrange for seven German apprentices from ARBURG Germany to take four week training placements at UK customers of ARBURG Ltd., and then send UK apprentices from UK customers to Lossburg.

In the programme’s first year, 2017, six apprentices from both countries were exchanged, with just one apprentice from each country going in 2018. In 2017, apprentices from John Guest completed a series of short placements at ARBURG Germany, including pre-assembly, final assembly, injection moulding and robotics. By gaining exposure to each stage of the manufacturing process, the young engineers came away with an improved knowledge of manufacturing best practice, providing them with a good insight into the philosophy and technical capability of their German technology partner.

With a little help from the GBF, a UK registered charity, ARBURG Ltd expects to involve seven apprentices. “The first year’s exchange was really successful, certainly customers like John Guest, one of our largest customers, found it very useful training, exposing the young apprentices to knowledge of systems they may not get access to in the UK,” says Colin Tirel, Managing Director UK and Ireland, ARBURG Ltd.

“We’d like to sustain and grow the programme and we’re grateful to the German British Forum for the donation.” John Guest famously makes the plastic push-fit “Speedfit” connectors for the plumbing industry.


10 October 2018