German and proud – a response

(Bob Bischof’s letter was in reply to an opinion article by Edward Lucas published in The Times on December 23 2015, titled “Self-righteous Germany has left guilt behind“. The letter was published in The Times on December 26).

Sir – Edward Lucas should be congratulated on his thoughtful article (“Self-righteous Germany has left guilt behind”, Opinion, Dec 23). When the Germans are bad, they are awful but when they are trying to be good they are even more annoying and irritating. These are, of course, two sides of the same coin. As a German who has lived and worked in Britain for more than 40 years, I am beginning to be proud to be German again. The latter side of the coin suits me and and my countrymen definitely better. Long may it last.

As for Britain leaving the EU and inevitably hitching closer up to the US, I hope the famous British common sense will prevail.

Bob Bischof,
Chairman, German British Forum

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