German Manufacturing Discovery Tour – February 4-5, 2015

In February 2015, a group of 12 British business people and experts on British manufacturing from companies like MBDA, Brompton Bicycle and GE Aviation, visited Stuttgart in Germany, in order to get an insight into four successful Mittelstand and family-owned companies in the region.

Delegates at automotive supplier MAHLE in Mühlacker

As part of the tour which was organised by Stirling Media and True North Excellence for the second time, delegates visited the following production sites:

Delegates visit the production line at HELLER in Nürtingen, a global manufacturer of machine tool solutions

HELLER – Delegates visited the global manufacturing site of this large family-run company that is committed to maintaining high quality levels but also to enhance these standards worldwide through special measures.

BALLUFF – Balluff, based in Neuhausen, is of particular interest to business leaders looking to grow international markets. Here delegates closely examined a successful business growth strategy.

KOMET – The KOMET Group is one of the leading international single-source suppliers of precision tools. Based at Besigheim near Stuttgart, KOMET has been a leader in tooling innovation for over 95-years.

MAHLE – MAHLE is the third largest supplier of automotive engine parts in the world. It also has a foundation structure, similar to nearby Robert BOSCH AG in Stuttgart, where all the employees have a stake in the company.

The delegates were especially impressed by the different apprenticeship programmes, offered by the companies and the close bond between employees and company.

“A good focused visit, visible KPIs and strong engagement of the community” – Bernard Waldron MBE, Director of Manufacturing UK at MBDA

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