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Launch of The Routledge Handbook of German Politics & Culture

January 21, 2015 – 1900 hrs


Colvin German handbook_cover_PortraitThe event is now fully booked (January 16).

In 2014 Germany looked back at a troubled hundred years since World War I; but also at the “peaceful revolution” and fall of the wall.

The Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index announced on 12 November 2014 that Germany had beaten the USA to become the top-ranked global national “brand”; Germany scored highly not only for sports prowess but for leadership in Europe, a robust economy, steady political stewardship, honest and competent government, and social equality.

The brand new Routledge Handbook of German Politics and Culture, in 28 highly accessible chapters, engages world experts on Germany’s politics, economics, society, and culture to investigate and illuminate the successes and complexities of a contemporary nation.

To mark the publication of the Handbook, a panel of expert commentators together with the book’s editor and contributors will explore questions around Germany’s global significance and international relations, its national and cultural priorities, its European leadership and its economic policies; who are “the Germans” now?

The panel includes:

  • David Marsh CBE (author of numerous books on Germany and Europe)
  • Thomas Kielinger (Die Welt)
  • Helen Pidd (The Guardian)
  • Professor Sarah Colvin (University of Cambridge)
  • Professor Mary Fulbrook (University College London)
  • Professor William Paterson OBE (University of Aston)

In conjunction with the German British Forum, an organisation established in 1995 to reinforce pivotal political and business relationships to promote education and social exchange between Germany and Britain, publisher Routledge announces the launch of this important book.

VENUE Goethe-Institut London Library

TICKETS Admission free –  Please be aware that the event is now fully booked!

CONTACT Goethe-Institut London Reception, Tel. 020 7596 4000