Former Board Members

Dr Denis MacShane, Avisa Partners

Dr Denis MacShane is one of the UK’s most prominent pro-European political campaigners and commentators. He was Tony Blair’s Minister of Europe, personal envoy to Europe, and UK delegate to the Council of Europe and a Labour MP for 18 years.

His 2015 book “Brexit: How Britain Will Leave Europe” is widely referred to as a “Cassandra style” analysis of deep-rooted British Euroscepticism. His warnings that Brexit would happen were ignored by the UK establishment.  His new book “Brexit No Exit. How In the End Britain Won’t Leave Europe” argues that Brexit should be seen as a plural not singular concept and while leaving the EU Treaty may have to happen Britain can keep economic and other links with Europe.

Denis was born in Glasgow and educated at Oxford (MA) and London universities (PhD).

He started his career as a BBC reporter. Before becoming an MP, he worked for the international trade union movement promoting trade union rights and wrote books on the steel industry as well as on global political issues.

He is now senior Adviser at Avisa Partners in Brussels and writes regularly on EU policy and politics for UK, US and European media outlets including Handelsblatt, the Independent, Politico, EurActiv, Libération and the Guardian.

Denis has four adult children and has won a prize as the fastest British MP on skis in annual Davos ski race between UK and Swiss parliamentarians.