“Now what?” Post-Commons vote dinner with GBF and Lord Fox

Tuesday 22 January 2019 at The Reform Club with Lord Fox

Members of the German British Forum board and friends met guest of honour Lord Fox to discuss potential final Brexit outcomes following the House of Commons vote to reject Theresa May’s Brexit deal on 15 January.

The main outcome scenarios discussed, as in all corners of the UK this week, were:

1) No deal, where Britain leaves the EU on 29 March under WTO trade rules

2) Extension of Article 50 to a future date giving the government and the EU more time to reach and

3) Any other result – such as an adapted Theresa May deal in the form of a customs union, an extension to Article 50 and a “people’s vote” or no Brexit

Joining Lord Fox were Bob Bischof chairman of the GBF, Steffen Hoffmann CEO of Bosch UK, Johannes Haas of DZ Bank, John Hammond, a partner at law firm CMS, Oliver Schramm, Head of Department at the German Embassy, Dr Ulrich Hoppe, head of the German-British Chamber of Commerce, Dr Denis MacShane, author and commentator on UK-European affairs, Thomas Kielinger, author and former journalist, Ingo Fischer, Main Board Lidl UK, Oliver Lawson, an associate at Stevens & Bolton and Sebastian Blomeier

Denis Macshane’s summary can be found on the GBF website
After extensive discussions led by Lord Fox the attendees gave the following predictions in a straw poll:
1. no deal 26%
2. May deal 20%
3. other forms or no Brexit 54%