The Best of German Mittelstand: an introduction by Dr Alessa Witt

Alessa Witt The Best of German MittlestandThe Best of German Mittelstand comprehensively lists the most successful and exciting German Mittelstand companies in an encyclopedia manner. It is one of the first English books listing 100 unknown world market leading companies from the successful German Mittelstand, with short profiles and histories.

I have co-authored the introduction which explains the success of these German Mittelstand companies, including a data analysis of a much larger database of over 1,600 Mittelstand firms. The introducing article gives an overview over why the Mittelstand is so successful in Germany with the aim to reach an international audience to learn and even adapt the mindset of the German Mittelstand.

It is now available on Amazon UK hoping to enlighten international readers on the success of Germany’s best Mittelstand companies.

A summary of the book can be found below:

“Germany’s stability in the financial turmoil of recent years has coined a new word in the dictionary of global perception : “The German Mittelstand (SMEs)”. It means that German industry has proven to be a reliable partner and bastion of calm in view of the myriad challenges facing the world. This is especially due to the companies which have grown into”world market leaders” through business acumen, innovative power and a global market presence. Most of these are SMEs owned by families which are rather unknown to the general public. Often these companies are highly specialized technology leaders only familiar to industry leaders. It is a great distinction to be a world market leader. However, this distinction also comes with the challenge to maintain this standard. The companies take on this challenge with long-term strategies, they rely on proximity to customers and the quality of their products, and they take care of their employees.

For the first time, Deutsche Standards EDITIONEN is now presenting one hundred selected German enterprises, which claim to be world market leaders, to its international readership in English. The choice is representative of successful, responsible entrepreneurship and enables an exclusive insight into the German corporate landscape, the width and depth which is unique in the world. The goal of the book is to put the SMEs which have been able to assert themselves as “the best of the best” in their market segment in the world market into the international spotlight. By doing so, it also intends to contribute new models and orientation to the discussion of a sustainable world economy.”

Dr Alessa Witt
Consultant at SSF Partners and lecturer at EU Business School

(Source: Langenscheidt, F. & Venohr B. (eds.) (2015): The Best of German Mittelstand, Köln: Deutsche Standards Editionen)