The Weaponization of Trade

Dr Rebecca Harding of Equant Analytics, board member of the German British Forum, has published a new book on trade as a tool of coercion. The synopsis follows.
The Weaponisation of Trade: The Great Unbalancing of Politics and Economics
World trade and globalisation are at a crossroads. The UK and the US, through Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, are exhibiting all the signs of isolationism. In contrast, Germany, and indeed China, are still championing globalisation. The populism that has brought us to this historical juncture is evident across the world but the consequences of a decision to harness that with economic nationalism through trade are dangerous.
The book explores how the UK and the US are using trade as a tool of foreign policy, and indeed, as a tool of coercion. The US has linked trade with China to its policy on the Korean peninsula while the UK has explicitly lined trade agreements and European security in Brexit negotiations.
Germany’s role, indeed responsibility, is as the focus for economic stability and multilateralism in a reformed Europe with a stronger sense of global identity. These are challenging times for the world and the wrong political choices will be dangerous.
Dr. Rebecca Harding
CEO, Equant Analytics
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“The Weaponization of Trade: the Great Unbalancing of Politics and Economics” 
Rebecca Harding and Jack Harding. 

October 25th 2017 * 170pp paperback *£9.99
ISBN 978-1-907994-72-2